Download the Addendum to the Tenancy Application

This website has listed all the require forms for you to get you started in renting out your property. However there is one important document that you must not left out of the tenancy agreement, and that is the addendum document. This document set additional terms that the tenant must agree to before entering the premises. If they do not accept to the terms set in this document do not rent out the property to them as this will allow them to pontentially damage your property and this can cost you a lot down the track.

The standard form you have downloaded are great however they do not cover you enough as a landlord.

This document add additional terms such as:

- Routine Inspection- Water Consumption
- Carpet Cleaning
- Lawns and Gardens
- Payment of Rent
- And many more


You can purchase this document for a measly $4.95. This will be just the cost of a cup of a coffee. Why spent hours typing it out or spend hours try to search for it. All the hard work has been done for you. Once you have make a payment you will be able to download it via a download link.

Download the Addendum Now For $4.95

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