As long as you have free memory space on your BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860’s storage or even your SD card, just feel free to view and store as many files or attachment as you like. However, after downloading an attachment onto the phone, you may not know where to find it. In this tutorial we will show you how to open those downloaded files.

Noted that your email account must use the BlackBerry Internet Service or a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to conduct this function. For further information, you can contact your wireless service provider or administrator.

1. You can either go to your Message or Calendar to perform this function.

2. While you open a message, meeting invitation, or calendar entry, hit the blackberry-key button.

3. Tap on Retrieve Attachment Information.

4. Then choose Open Attachment.

5. Once you are guided to the Attachments screen, select an attachment you want to open.

6. Then select an option in the menu list appears if you want to.

Tips: In case your email account uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server that supports accessing files on your organization's network, you can also preview files from your organization's network and save the files to your phone or attach them directly to email messages without needing to download them. Later, you can use the Files application to view a list of all the files that are saved on your smartphone.

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