Learn how to arrange apps on BlackBerry Z10

After updating your Z10 phone, there maybe apps you want to use less than before. So, if you want to organize those apps and keeps the most frequently use one on the Home screen, you will need to arrange them from time to time.

If you are now looking for a way to move apps icon on BlackBerry Z10, that’s not so difficult. Here’s how to move icons on BlackBerry 10.

1. First, log back to BlackBerry Z10’s Home screen.

2. Here, tap and hold on an app icon on your Homescreen for some seconds.

3. You will then see all app icons start to jiggle.


4. Finally, just feel free to drag the icon to the left or the right depends on where you want it to be.

Or, at least, the 'updates' that concern with authorizing or not installation of some apps, should provide a way
to arrange the order -- or at least allow NOVA or APEX launchers to do it, instead of aborting their action!
To whom does it interest to ensure the actual anarchic display? Why is it so important to stick to it?
I want get rid of the camera from home screen dock..can u help
I haven\'t got the time or patience to re-arrange the BB apps alphabetically one by one on my Z10. They should sort themseves automatically as they did on my Android.
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