Just like the PC, you will need to organize all apps logically into place, so that later, when you need to find or use an app, it’s much easier and quicker to navigate to it. Some people, they also want to create folder for esthetics, so that the apps will be arranged in a way that makes their Home screen looks more beautiful.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you would like to create folders on your BlackBerry Z10, then take a look at our tutorial below to see how:

1. First, log back to BlackBerry Z10’s Home screen.

2. Here, tap and hold on an app icon on your Homescreen for some seconds.

3. You will then see all app icons start to jiggle.

4. Now, drag it on top of another icon and let go of your hand.

5. You will then see a new dialog pops up allowing you to name the folder.

- Now, just change the name into whatever you like: Games, Communication, Music, Photo Editors, etc.

6. After that, hit Create to confirm.

7. The folder will now be available on Z10’s Homescreen. Later, if you want to add more apps/games into the folder, just drag them to the folder in the same manner as above.

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