If you use Facebook to connect with friends and family members, it’s cool. However, in case you have some contacts added via online games or some kind of events, and you don't really want those contacts to display on the Z10 Contacts App, but only in the BlackBerry Hub. Then just consider hiding those Facebook contacts from the Contacts app.

Here’s how to do that:

1. First, open your Contacts app.

2. Once the apps finished launching, swipe down from the top to reveal the Settings icon.

3. Hit on the settings icon to get you to the settings screen.

4. You will then see the contacts setting screen opens.

- There will be a list of all the apps that are pulling in contacts to the contacts app.

5. Switch the Facebook slider to ON/ OFF mode accordingly.

Note: If you followed the steps accordingly and see Facebook contacts now disappear in the contacts app, you can jump back into the BlackBerry Hub to make sure that Facebook contacts still appearing in there. If so, you’ve been processing the above steps in a right manner.

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