There are many people would like to use the keyboard touch tone because it helps them to know exactly the character they are typing on BlackBerry Z10. However, just imagine when you are in a quiet place and the keyboard touch tone keeps on sounding and tick people off, just like when you are in a meeting, for example. This time, it’s highly recommended that you should turn it off (or at least tone it down) to less bother others.

Here’s how to do this on your BlackBerry Z10:

1. Head back to BlackBerry Z10’s Home screen.

2. Here, swipe down from the top of the screen.

3. Then tap on Settings.

4. Next, hit Language and Input.

5. After that, scroll down the list and tap On-Screen Keyboard.

6. Then just slide the Keyboard Feedback Volume slider to the left.

- To turn it off completely, just slide it all the way to the left, or most of the way to just turn down the volume.

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