If you were an old Android owner then obviously, you must know Google Now, and if you are an old iOS user, at least you must have used Siri at least once to conduct a voice request, or getting things done just by asking/commanding directly to the phone.

Now, when you switch to the BlackBerry Z10, would you like to know if there is a feature like this on the phone? The answer is yes, and it’s called Voice Control.

Now, if you want to use Voice Control on BlackBerry Z10, first, you have to enable this feature on your phone. Here’s how to:

1. Go back to BlackBerry Z10’s Home screen.

2. Here, long press on the Mute button for some seconds.


3. Now, just feel free to command your phone using your natural language voice.


Some voice commands such as playing music, answer call, ends call and etc are possible with the Z10.

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