If some friends call or message you while you are in the meeting or when you are busy and cannot pick up the phone, it’s easy to see the phone number on the screen to call or text them back. However, if the number is from a stranger and you need to search the call log to text them back, then you may not know how to do this on your new BlackBerry Z10.

If that’s the case, here's how:

1. First, return to BlackBerry Z10’s Home screen.

2. Here, hit the Phone icon to access your recent call log.

3. Now, just find the phone number that you want to send the text message to.

4. Long press on that phone number.

5. On the pop-up appears, select View Call Details.

6. You will then be guided to the details screen.

7. Here, tap Text on the bottom.

8. You will then be redirected to the compose screen where you can send your message.

9. Just feel free to compose and send it as usual.

Note: In case you would like to call or add the contact to your contact list you can do so from the details screen as well.

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