For some other devices, the Adobe Flash is no longer existed, making it a big issue for those who want to navigate to webpages that features Flash on. But now, it’s no longer the case for BlackBerry Z10 any more.

If you are worrying about the unavailability of Adobe Flash in your Z10 Browser, then you can now feel a sign of relief. This is because Z10 has comes with Flash support in its browser already; however, it has been turned off by default, so if you want to use this cool feature, you will need to activate it for further access.

Here’s how to:

1. Launch your BlackBerry Z10’s Browser.

2. Then open the Browser's Settings.

3. Select Display and Actions.


4. Finally, switch the Adobe Flash option to ON mode.

Once you activated this feature, your phone battery can be wiped out very fast. Sometimes, it can cause performance issues when you are surfing the web as well, so, try to switch it off when not in use to preserve your battery power.

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