If you are an owner of BlackBerry for years, you must have known about the phone’s physical keyboards. However, when it comes to Z10, you will no longer see this iconic interface anymore. But, don’t worry! The BlackBerry Z10 can help you to type very fast since it incorporates a cool on-screen keyboard to let you in-put and predicts your next word easily. Just take a look at the Text-Predict feature:


So you see? Now, when you input the texts, if the word you want to type is forecasted successfully, all you have to do is swiping upwards on the related key and that word will automatically be inserted into the message you are creating.

However, in case you would like to have the suggested words shown up above the keyboard, instead of directly over the keyboard itself, you will need to do a small tip below:

1. Head to BlackBerry Z10’s Settings.

2. Now, choose Language.

3. Select Input.

4. Tap On-Screen Keyboard option.

5. Then choose In-Column in the Text Prediction Display settings.

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