After many people got their BlackBerry Z10 a lot of people were complaining that their z10 juices out the battery power very quick. Some have experienced that fifty percent of their battery power were gone after 5 hours of usage, and they only use it to browse the internet for a short while, texting a couple of times and placing a few phone calls.

With the new OS update from BlackBerry, they have claimed that they made over 60 battery saving improvements. This will mean that your battery can last a lot longer.

Now depending on the carrier you are with, if they haven't push out the update on your phone then you wont be to update it. So you will just have to wait for the update release.

Also while on the topic of battery improvement. You could turn off some of the services that you are not using and that it consumes power. For example turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Media server, camera flash, GPS, data roaming and etc.

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