It’s great to enjoy all the HD content, eBook, media on your Kindle Fire HD, but it’s even much greater when you have your favourite content shared on a TV. As you know, on the original Kindle Fire version, there is no support for a connection to a TV, so if you want to access those contents you love on a bigger screen, for sure you will be let down.

Kindle Fire HD

Now you may wonder if there is any way that can help you to connect the Kindle Fire HD to a TV? Fortunately, the answer is yes, because the newer Kindle Fire HD has incorporated an HDMI port that supports a connection to the TV. So, continue reading to see how you can plug in your new Kindle Fire HD into a TV.

Before continuing, you will need to check if your TV sets is the newer high-definition ones or not. This is because the HDMI connection will only work for those who have the newer high-definition TV sets.

If that’s the case, prepare a standard Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI cable. You can buy this on Amazon or any sources available near your place.

Next, you will have to plug the cable your device and an available HDMI port on your TV. Do this just like when you plug the charger into the Electric sources. After that, turn on the TC and enjoy watching any content of your Kindle Fire HD on your TV. You should then see the connection also comes up with the audio for some content, such as video, shows, movies, etc. If not, check the cable, try to remove and plug in one more time to see if it works.

However, when you don’t have the new TV sets as mentioned above and you would like to connect your Kindle Fire HD to an older, analog TV, you will have to buy additional equipment. This is a device that helps to convert the signal from digital to analog and make it compatible with the 3 RCA jacks on the back of your TV, aside from the Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI cable that you have already had.

Now, just connect all those stuff into one, and then try to play the content from your Kindle Fire HD using the TV and see if it works. For sure when you have all of those solutions above, the rest is very easy. Enjoy your favourite content and let us know your comment in the box below if any.

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