Would you like to setup your little baby’s sound as one of your Ringtones?

Recently, I saw a trend of young moms who love to record their babies’ sound, then set it up as their ring tone. After that, everytime they have phone call from their friends, they can hear their little baby saying out loud words like “papa” or “mama”. Isn’t it cute?

If you also want to change the ringtone, not only of your kid, but to use sounds or a piece of cool music that you love, you can see the instruction below to see how you can do it on Droid DNA:

1. First, return to your Droid DNA’s Home screen.

2. Here, gently use your finger to slide the Notifications panel down.

3. Hit the Settings icon. 

4. Then choose Personalize option.

5. Scroll to the Sound tab.

6. Hit Sound set.

7. Here, just select a sound set you want to use.

- You can create a new one using the recorded files of your baby, or use a song that you have downloaded over the Internet.

8. When you are done, tap Apply.

9. Next, choose your desired Ringtone.

10. When you are happy with changes, hit OK to exit.

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