A screen lock password can contain both letters and numbers, making it a stronger security option for you to protect Droid DNA from unwanted access. For example: if your mom loved to check out your messages or your roommate have a bad habit of checking your search history while you leave your phone unprotected, then we suggest you should consider a Password Screen Lock for Droid DNA:

See below our mini guide to know how you can setup a Password Screen Lock for your Droid DNA:

1. First, go back to Droid DNA’s Home screen.

2. Then, slide the Notifications panel down to open it.

3. Tap the Settings icon.

4. Select Security.

3. Choose the Password screen lock option.

4. Now, just follow the instructions on screen to finish setting up the screen lock.

5. Next, tap Lock phone after.

6. Feel free to select an idle time you want before the screen is locked.

Note: Place a checkmark on Make passwords visible in case you want your screen lock to display it as you type on the screen.

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