The creation of digital signatures is very common and convenient, when you digitally sign it, the content of that page can not be changed or modified.

First, you need to create and scan your written signature as an image onto the computer.

1. In the worksheet, place the mouse pointer where you want to create a signature line.

2. Select the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the Signature Line list, and then click Microsoft Office Signature Line.


3.In the Signature Setup dialog box, type in the information that will appear beneath the signature line:


  • Suggested signer : The signer's full name. Ex: Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh
  • Suggested signer's title : The signer's title, if needed. Ex: Staff
  • Suggested signer's e-mail address : The signer's e-mail address, if needed.
  • Instructions to the signer : Add instructions for the signer.


4. Now, right click on the sign object, and click Sign from the context menu.

5. Click on Select Image... link to select the image containing your signature.

6. Finally click on the Sign button to finish.



The following image shows the Signatures button.


Note: If you want to remove digital signature, repeat these instructions.

1. Open the worksheet that contains the visible signature that you want to remove.

2. Right-click on the signature line.

3. Click Remove Signature.

4. Finally Click Yes.



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