If you want to set a password to your Excel file to allow other people to only have read access permission, you can use this guide. With read only permission, they will not be able to edit or operate other features of Excel.

1. While your workbook is opened, Click  Microsoft Office Button , then choose Save as.

office button


2. Click on Tools button menu at the bottom left, then select General Options.

office_button 2

3. The General Options dialog opens.

office_button 3

4. Under File sharing, in the Password to modify box, type in a desire password. Select the checkbox Read-only recommended and Save.

office_button 4

5. To open the workbook, type in the password you have set previously in step 4 before you can use the file.

office_button 6


Note: If you want to remove your password, repeat these instructions and then delete the password from the password to modify box. Click Save.

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