If you get an error while try to sync your iPhone and the error message is:

The iPod "<name>" cannot be synced. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

This error message come about because it could not sync photo. The iPhone maybe able to sync music, podcasts and videos, however when syncing photos you will get the error.

When iTunes attempt to perform a photo synchronization for the first time it will try to create a folder on the computer called "iPod Photo Cache". You normally can located at:

>User>Pictures>iPhoto Library>iPod Photo Cache.

To fix this error just delete the folder.

1. Close iTunes app.

2. Go into the Pictures folder.

3. Next navigate to the iPhoto Library folder.

4. Now delete the iPod Photo Cache.

5. Start iTunes app again and try to re-sync.

You should now see the error goes away.


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