After watching a video on YouTube using Firefox browser, you maybe compel to leave a comment. However, when trying to leave a comment you may get an error or it does nothing when you click on the post button. So what can you do to fix it. Well the problem lies within the security settings. Sometimes an antivirus add-on program can clear some settings causing Firefox to not work with YouTube comment system. Here's how you can fix it.

1. First, open up Firefox.

2. Then open the Menu, and select Options.

3. On the left hand side click on Security icons and on the right hand panel click on Exceptions button.


4. Next on the Allow Sites - Add-ons Installation, allow the following address:



5. Once you have added in those address, click on Save Changes.

6. Finally close the Options tab, and reload the YouTube page.

Now try to leave a comment again in one of the videos and that should fixes the problem.


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