Are you having trouble reading those tiny fonts on your new Nexus 7? If so, you could easily adjust the font size on the Google Nexus 7 be following a few simple steps.

When browsing through a website, sometimes you can increase or decrease the font size directly from that website, while other times they don't let you adjust the font size at all. However, You could change the system font size, but it doesn't work for every app.

Follow the handy steps below to know how:

1. First, go back to the Nexus 7’s Home screens by tapping on the Home key.


2. Then select Settings.


- You can also drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen, and hit the Settings button from there.


3. Next, tap on the Display pane.


4. Here, choose a Font size from the dropdown list.


5. Pick up your choice among these four options: Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.

6. Below is a picture depicts the difference between a small font size and a large font size.



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