Learn how you can bookmark a webpage on Nexus 7:

Bookmark a webpage not only enhances the ability to reach and share a content you want on the Internet faster, but also helps you logically organize sites according to different tags or categories.

Therefore, whenever you need any information on a topic of a site, you can simply open the bookmark folder and choose from the list of bookmarks to access to that page within a single tap. Here’s how to bookmark a webpage on Nexus 7:

1. First, log back to any of Nexus 7’s Home screen by hitting on the Home button.


2. Then tap the Apps icon to view the application list.


3. Next, navigate to Chrome Browser app.

- In case you have already place Chrome Browser app right at your Home screen, just tap to select it.

4. Then touch on the URL field.

5. Now, type the URL of the webpage that you want to place a bookmark.

6. Then hit Go using Nexus 7 keyboard.

7. Here, you can choose a suggestion from the drop-down menu to.

8. Now, press the Bookmark sign.

9. Tap on the Star icon.

10. You can also rename the bookmark if necessary.

11. Finally, once you are happy with the bookmark, hit Save to exit your setup.

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