While you are entering text using the keyboard, if you want to copy text from one app, and paste it into another, you can do so on the Nexus 7.

For example, if you want to use the Calendar app to remind you the time of a Blockbuster movie showing on TV, instead of typing in the movie name, you could copy it from a website and paste it into the calendar note.

Here's how to copy and paste text on Nexus 7.

1. First, head to the place where you want to copy the text.

2. Next, press and hold onto the text you want to copy.

- You can even double-tap within the text to select those desired text.

3. Then you should see the nearest word is highlighted with a tab at each end of the selection.

4. Now, feel free to drag the tabs to change the selection as needed.


5. Once you’re done, the tab will disappear.

- If you want to make it show up again, just press on the text again.

6. Now, choose Cut nex_7_cut_key , or Copy nex_7_copy_key button.

7. Next, go to the place you want to paste the text, then long press on the location of where you want to paste the text, and hit on the Paste nex_7_paste_key icon.


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