Google Maps is now available with extra cool features, such as letting you see inside some businesses before visiting them, adding some traffic or voice based navigation, making it as a must-have app for Nexus 7.

So, if you’d like to look for a place to visit this weekend via your new Nexus 7, walk through the mini guide below to know how.

Learn how to use Maps app to find a location on the Google Nexus 7.

1. First, tap the Home button to return to Nexus 7’s Home screen.

nex 7 home key

2. Then, hit the Apps icon located at the bottom of Nexus 7’s middle screen.

nex 7 Apps key

3. Next, select the Maps app.

nex 7 app menu maps

4. Then tap on the Search icon.

5. Now, provide a desired location in the search box and then tap on the Go icon.

6. You will then see location is displayed on screen.

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