This Serial Number will show some important information of your Nexus 7, like the manufactured and factory ID. You will need your Nexus 7 serial number in case your device got some severe problems and you cannot fix, restart, or handle it by yourself. So, when you hand in your tablet at the Google or Asus customer service, they will ask you to provide the Serial Number.

Here’s how to find it:

1. First, return to any of Nexus 7’s Home screen by hitting on the Home button.


2. Then, select Settings.


3. Next, navigate to the About tablet pane.

4. Look on the list and see your serial number is displayed

There are two other ways to let you find the serial number:

1. In case you bought Nexus 7 through Google Play, head to your email confirmation and check the serial number there.

2. The other way is to use your finger nails to take out the back of the box Nexus 7 came in and then see it inside.

Tip: the serial numbers Asus uses are supposed to start with either A, B, C or 9.

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