Rather than leaving your Nexus 7 Home screens blank and boring, you can try to add and decorate them with many apps, shortcuts or widgets.

Though, it’s great to have plenty of apps on your Nexus 7’s Home screens, these apps can clutter up your Nexus 7 by consuming your limited Home screen space. In those circumstances, do these steps to either rearrange them or remove them for optimal Home screen productivity.

1. First, head to the Home screen that contains the widget, app, shortcut, or folder that you want to move or delete.

nex_7_home screen

2. Then long press on that widget, app, shortcut, or folder.

3. Next, use your finger to drag the widget, app, shortcut, or folder to a new place that you like.

You can move it to another Home screen by dragging them to the left-end or the right-end part of your current Home screen.

4. Release your finger once you are happy with your adjustment.

5. Now you will see your widget/app/shortcut/folder has been placed to a new location.

If you wish to delete that Widget, App, Shortcut, or Folder, repeat step 1, then drag that widget, app, shortcut, or folder to the Trash Can icon at the screen’s end.

After releasing your finger, you will see it disappears into the bin.

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