Learn how to remove an account from Google Nexus 7.

Removal of an account may come in handy in case that account is unusable or become expired. Let’s say you signed up for a Antivirus app account, and you are now running out of the trial days for that app, so that account is no longer require, and you can completely delete it from your Nexus 7.


- You have the ability to delete any account and all its information directly from your device, including email, contacts, settings, and so on.

- In case you have too many Google accounts, and there are some accounts you don’t really need, you can delete them out of your Nexus 7 to save up some memory space.

Here's how:

1. First, return to your Nexus 7’s Home screen by tapping on the Home key.


2. Then, select Settings.

- You can drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen and touch the Settings button from there.

- Or pressing on the Menu key in the Options bar and tap on Settings.


3. Next, choose the Accounts section, and select either one of these two options below:

A. For a Google account:

4. Simply hit on Google.

5. Then you need to press the Menu nex_7_menu_function_key key at the left side of the screen (the three-dotted key).

6. Finally, tap Remove account and it's removed from your device.

B. For any other type of account

4. Just touch on the account-name that you want to delete.

5. On the menu, tap on Remove.


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