On first time setup, Nexus 7 will ask you if you want to turn on Location Services. If you have skipped that step, you can go back to enable location services.

Location Services on the Nexus 7 is a cool feature that allow apps to deliver relevant information to you base on your current location. So if you do a search on nearby restaurants, the search result will return a list of all the nearby restaurants that you could choose where to dine at.

Here's how to turn Location Services on/off:

1. First, go back to your Nexus 7’s Home screen by hitting on the Home key.


2. Choose Settings.


- You can drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen and touch the Settings button from there.

- Or press the Menu key and tap on Settings.

4. Next, select Privacy and accounts.

5. Then, choose Location services.

6. When prompted, select the checkbox and agree to the terms of use to complete the setup.


7. Later, if you want to disable these services from the Google Now screen, simply uncheck both Google’s location service and GPS satellites checkbox. This will disable Google Now as well as many other useful features on your tablet.

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