If you would like to use the Google Maps app or any other apps that require Navigation function, you may need to enable GPS satellites function, because this feature provides you a more accurate location displayed. But in some cases, you may need to turn it off to save up some battery power for your Nexus 7.

Follow this tutorial to guide you through the process of activating/deactivating GPS satellites feature on your new Nexus 7:

1. First, press on the Home button to return to Nexus 7’s Home screen.

nex 7 home key

2. Here, choose Settings.

nex 7 settings key

- You can also drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen, and tap on the Settings button.

- Alternatively, you can also hit the Menu key and select Settings.

nex 7 settings noti bar autorotate

3. Then tap on Location services.

nex 7 Settings Location Service

4. Here, choose GPS satellites.

5. Place a tick on the checkbox to the right of GPS satellites option, and you have just activated this function.

6. Now, feel free to check the latest traffic or search for some cool restaurant you will go to.

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