Learn how you can copy and paste text on the Samsung Galaxy S II so you can be more efficient.

Just like using a microsoft word or a notepad the Galaxy S II has gives you the ability to copy or cut text of one part of the message and paste it into another part of the message. Here's how:

1. While you are writing your message or email, put the cursor on the text of where you want to start copying.

2. Now select the icon galaxy-s-ii-text-select-2-symbol.

3. From the menu option choose either Select Word or Select all to select the text that you desire.

4. Now while in selection mode, drag the icon galaxy-s-ii-text-select-left-symbol or galaxy-s-ii-text-select-right-symbol to make your text selection.

5. Once you are done with the selection, you can either choose Copy or Cut.

6. Next you will be able to paste the text to your desire destination. Now place the cursor in the text paragraph where you would like to paste the copied text.

7. Now select Paste to insert the new text.


Note: you could copy and paste text across the different application.

Depending on the Android OS you use, the steps maybe a little bit different.

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