Learn how you could prevent spam to your forum by enabling the reCaptcha functionality.

I have recently installed a new vBulletin forum a there has been already a lot of register users starting to spam the forum. A lot of this registered users are created by robot and they created lot on spam posts to link to the other sites.

By enabling the reCaptcha function I have seen a signification reduction in spam register users made by the automatic robot. Here's how you can easily prevent other robot to spam your forum.

1. First log into the admin panel with your username and password.

2. Click on the Settings on the left hand side navigational panel to expand.

3. Click on Human Verification Manager.

4. Now you can choose a type of security for your forum. You have the following options:

  • Disabled
  • Image Verification
  • Question and Anwser Verification
  • reCaptcha

Now select your desire option.

5. If you choose reCaptcha option you will need to put in the private and public key below. In addition you could also choose the reCaptcha theme.


If you don't have a key you will need to register for one here.

6. Now click on Settings > Options.

7. On the right hand side panel, select Human Verification Options from the list box.

8. Click on the Edit Settings button.

9.Now you choose which feature you would like to apply the reCaptcha to prevent spam.

  • Register
  • Post
  • Search
  • Contact Us
  • Recover Lost Password

10. Now make you selection and click on Save.


In the next few days check and see if you get a reduction in spam post. Also you could try the Question and Answer solution.

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