Learn how to perform a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S II device.

When you want to pass on your phone to some else it is a good idea that you wipe out all the data on your phone so that no one can get access to your personal data. You could also perform a reset if you device is frozen and not responding to your command.

Note: Performing the below actions will erase all your personal data, so if there is any data that you would like to keep please back them up first so that later you could restore them if you like.

If you are ready, then here's how:

Software Reset

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Select Privacy.

4. Select Factory Data reset.

5. Select Reset Phone.

6. Select Erase Everything.

You devices should be resetting now.

Hardware Key Reset

1. Switch off the phone. Pull out the battery if you device is not responding.

2. Now press andĀ hold down the volume up + volume down button. Then press and release the Home/Power button.

3. Next the phone will present a menu for you to choose, select Clear Storage.

4. Confirm if you want to go ahead.


Also you could try to key in *2767*3855# and press dial.

My wifes SII is having problems. When she makes a phone call, the screen goes black and stays that way. She is able to finish the call fine and when the person she calls hangs up the call ends. but the black screen never returns to the home page. It just stays black. The only thing she can do is hold down the startup button on the right side of the phone which reboots the phone as if it had been turned off. Every phone call, incomgin or outgoing, she has to reboot the phone to regain access to the screen icons, otherwise the screen just stays black and unreponsive. We finally did a factory reset of the phone hoping it was just a software conflict. No such luck. The same phenomenon happens after each phone call even after the factory reset. Any other ideas?
Good to see you got your issue resolved Hunter.
This page and the responses really helped me reset an inherited G SII!. Thanks all!
Rebecca - If you forget the username or password of your Gmail account then try this: support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=12381
hey, ive forgotten my pattern for my samsung sll and now i need a google account email and pasword but the thing is i dont remember what they are... any suggestions on what i should do? x
Hi Pam D - I would suggest you change your email and FaceBook account just to be on the safe side.

She should be able to remove an email account without the need of a password. If she doesn\'t know how to do it, then ask her to try this article: www.itjungles.com/android-tips/samsung-g...remove-email-account.

Best of luck.
Any help appreciated. Had a demo Galaxy SII whilst waiting for my order to arrive - lucky because ot took 4 weeks.

When I returned it - dealer said she wiped everything off it - she now rings me requesting my passwords - says she can\'t clear my Google Acct - and is getting all my emails and my Facebook.

Is this possible? How do I fix it - NOT wanting to give her my passwords - will changing my passwords now, fix it or at least prevent her getting access to my data/emails etc
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