As a developer, you would need to install WordPress on your local computer to design and develop website using the WordPress platform. When you work locally, you can quickly test the code you have just written, where as if you work directly on the web server, it will take you a long time to test out the website. Additionally, when working directly on the web server, there is a risk of you erasing the current file on the server and will crash the live site.

Here's how to install WordPress on your PC.

Pre-requisite before installing WordPress:

* You will need to have MySql installed on your computer.
* Installation of phpMyAdmin to manage MySql database.
* Knowledge of using phpMyAdmin to create and manage databases.
* Installation of web server such as Apache and PHP.

The easiest way to meet the above pre-requisite is to install the XAMPP package on your computer. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution comprise of MySQL, PHP and Perl.

1. First download the latest version of WordPress file from WordPress. At the time of this article the latest version are 3.5.1.


2. After you have downloaded the package, uninstall it on your local web server directory. On my local computer I use XAMPP web server package. So in this instance, I would extract the folder to this location: C:\xampp\htdocs\wptraining.

These are the files and folders that you expect to see inside the downloaded package.


3. Open phpMyAdmin and create a WordPress database. you can name the database anything you like, but it is recommended that you name the database similar to the website name so that it is easy for you to remember it later. Also create a user and give it the proper permission for the database.


4. Now you need to rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

5. The next step is to edit the wp-config.php file so that WordPress could connect to the database. You will need to edit these four key information:

  • The name of database for WordPress
  • MySQL database username
  • MySql database password
  • MySQL hostname

Se below as an example:


6. Now launch a web browser and key in this URL http://localhost:8080/wptraining/wp-admin/install.php to start the installation. Now depending on how you setup your web server the URL maybe a little bit different. Fill in the necessary details and click on the Install WordPress button.


7. Upon a sucessful installation you should see the Success confirmation screen. Click on the Login button to log into the site.


8. After logging in, you should see a Dashboard page in the admin section.


Congratulation, you have now installed WordPress on your local computer.

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