In HTML all input text come in as a text value. When we need to perform some calculation on the text value we need to first convert them to a system numeric value. Once it is converted, we can then perform arithmetic function on it. Here's how to it in Javascript:

In this example we would use the function parseInt to convert the value. Afterward you could use the function isNaN to check if the input is of type numeric.

<script type="text/javascript">

    function CalcAspect() {


        var strOldWidth = parseInt(document.getElementById('oldWidth').value);

        var strNewWidth = parseInt(document.getElementById('newWidth').value);

        var strOldHeight = parseInt(document.getElementById('oldHeight').value);

        var strNewHeight = parseInt(document.getElementById('newHeight').value);


        if (isNaN(strOldWidth)) {



        else {





The above example uses parseInt to convert the value.


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