Learn the simple steps you could take to reset your Toshiba Satellite back to the default factory settings.

When you are visiting a lot of websites, you may stumple upon a bad malware site that they could infect your computer with a malware or a virus. The rogue software could cause your computer to run really slow or ultimately it could grind your computer to a halt.

Unfortunately, there is no reset button on the Toshiba laptop that you could simply press to bring the machine back to the out of the box state. However, you shouldn't need to worry much, in this tutorial I will provide you with simple instructions that you can follow and get your computer back to working state again.

This tutorial is base on the newer model of the Toshiba Satellite laptop. With a newer model, the recovery disk is stored on the hard drive itself, because of the larger hard drive space available to us these days, it is easier to have the recovery disk on the hard then on the DVD. With the DVD, you could have a chance to loose it where as having the recovery file on the hard disk, it is always there. You could also create a recovery disk if you like, and this is a good idea because there will be a chance that your hard disk will get corrupted over time.

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Press the POWER button to turn it back on, then quickly press and hold on the F8 key until you see a boot menu. Select Repair Your Computer.


3. From System Recover Options, click Next button.


4. Then select a user name from your computer. If you have a password then fill in the Password text box, otherwise leave blank.


5. Next select TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard. From this screen you could also choose other recovery options if you so wish.


6. On the next screen, it will give you a warning to backup all your data before going ahead. So if you have any valuable data that you cannot afford to loose, please back them up first, as this process will wipe your hard drive clean. Click on Yes button if you agree to go ahead. To ensure a smooth recovery process, always connect the AC adapter to the lapter to avoid disruption of the recovery.


7. Next select Recovery of Factory Default Software option, and click on Next.


8. Next select Recover to out-of-box-state (System Recovery Options are included), and click on Next.


9. Now click on Next to confirm that you want to go ahead.


10. Now wait for wizard to restore your laptop back to the factory settings. This will take a while and it will require some of your input later on to finish the set up.



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