Here are a few options you could use to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S4.

After installing a lots of apps on your new phone, you may find it is not responding well and performing quite poorly, even though you know the S4 is jam packed with some serious powerful hardware. A lot of the problems are cause by software, so a hard reset will solve 90% of the issues.

Before you go ahead and resetting your Samsung Galaxy S4, make sure you have backup all the important data. You can backup your Android Phone using Google Backup or third party softwares. Here is a list you could use:

  • Google Backup
  • ClockWorkMod
  • Titanium Backup
  • Nandroid

How to Soft Reset

1.Long press on the POWER Key.

2. When you see a menu appear, select Restart.

3. Then tap on Restart again.

If the device is not responding, do a very long press on the POWER key a about 10 seconds until the phone is switched off.


1. Pull out the battery.

2. Wait for 30 seconds and the put back the battery.


How to Hard Reset With Hard Key

1. Long press on the POWER key for 10 seconds or more until the phone is turned off.

2. Then Press and hold down VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons at the same time.

3. Release all the buttons when the Samsung logo appears.

4. When you see the Android system recovery menu, select Wipe data/factory reset. Use VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN to navigate the menu.

4. Press and release the POWER button to select.

5. Confirm your action by select Yes – delete all user data.

6. Now select reboot system now.


Hard Reset With Software Menu

1. Tap on Settings from the Home screen.

2. Choose Storage.

3. Select Factory data Reset.

4. Now tap on Reset Phone, and choose an appropriate options.

5. Choose Erase Everything.

6. Tap on Yes to confirm your action.

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