If you don't have time to sit on your computer to watch or listen to all the media files, then you could transfer it to your HTC Dream and watch the video or listen to the MP3 files while you are on the move. Here's how:

1. Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable.

2. Next set the phone storage card to operate as a USB drive.

3. Then use your finger and slide down the notification panel.

4. Then tap on USB connected.

5. Next Tap on Mount.

6. For Windows users go to My Computer or Finder for Mac user and find the new removeable drive that has just mounted. For example it maybe something like Removeable Drive (E:).

7. Create a new folder called Music on your HTC Dream if you haven't got one yet.

8. Lastly copy the file from the desktop computer over to your device.

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