Learn how you can purchase apps or items on Android market on the HTC Flyer.

By default, your HTC flyer device will be installed some apps that feel not enough for using. If you want to get more apps, you can go to find new apps for your phone from Android Market.

Before you can start downloading paid apps from Android market, you need a Google Checkout account to purchase.

What is Google Checkout account ? Google Checkout is a free service to help pay for online purchases easily and quickly. You can use this service to purchase from a variety of online stores. You can sign up a new account here.

Here's how to purchase an app or item on Android Market:

1. Tap htc_flyeruparrow to go back to the Home screen.

2. Then select htc_flyer_taskmanager.

3. Next tap Market.

4. Search for an app that you want to download free or purchase.

5. When you search the app that you want, tap on it.

6. A popup will appear with the terms and conditons. Read it and if you accept the terms and conditions there in, tap on the OK button.

7. It will be downloaded and installed the app automatically to your phone.


When you installed successfully the app, you can uninstall immediately it for a refund within a limited time after your purchase. To know more about the refund policy for paid apps, visit here

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