Taking good close up photos is much easier than you think. You can take close up shots of yourself using Snapbooth on the HTC flyer.

Here's how:

1. Tap htc_flyeruparrow to go back to the Home screen.

2. Then select htc_flyer_taskmanager.

3. Next tap Snapooth.

4. Select a desire mode on how you want to take your photo.

a) Select htc_flyer_onemode One shot mode if you want to take a single shot.

b) Select htc_flyer_fourmode Four shots mode if you want to take four shots and merge them into one single photo.

5. If want, you can apply an effect to your photo.

6. Using your thumb and index finger to zoom in/zoom out.

7. To take a photo, press htc_flyer_capture.

The photos you just took are saved to your Gallery. You can view it later then.


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