How you typically use your regular pen on a piece of paper is also the way you can use the tablet pen on your HTC Flyer device.

You can use you table pen for writing, drawing, highlighting a text, Erasing, Noting and so on.

The HTC Flyer gives you the ability to choose from different pen types, strokes and colors. You can switch between the different Menu mode to select what pens and strokes you want to use.

Here's some of the pens, strokes you can use:


1. Pencil: use pencil to create hard-edged lines.

2. Ballpoint pen:

3. Paintbrush : use paintbrush to create soft strokes of color.

4. Calligraphy pen :

5. Marker: use marker to mark your favorite words or phrases.

6. Highlighter pen: use highlighter to highlight a text.

7. Eraser: erase a stroke.


And here is how to use the tablet pen:

1. While you are writing or drawing an object

2. Tap nokia_lumiaedit to open the Pen options palette.

3. At the bottom, you will see whether you're in Menu or Option mode.

4. If you are seeing the Option on the Pen options palette because you are in Options mode. Tap on its Option to switch to Menu mode.

5. When you are in Options mode, tap any of the following to customize your pen settings:

a) Tap on htc_flyer_undo or to undo/redo the last pen stroke.

b) Tap on htc_flyer_redo to show/hide pen strokes.

c) Tap on htc_flyer_bin to delete all pen strokes on the current screen.

6. When you are in Menu mode, tap any of the following to customize your pen settings:

a) Tap on htc_flyer_color to select the color you want to use.

b) Tap on htc_flyer_stroke to select a stroke and stroke size to use.

c) Tap on htc_flyer_type to select the different pen types to use.

7. Tap to close the Pen options palette.


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