Hard Reset can be the final solution to restore all your data on HTC Radar 4G back to its default factory condition in case you experienced too many fault, irresponsiveness, lagging or frozen issues on your phone. And, because a hard reset will erase all data from the phone, so try to save or back up all your important information to somewhere else before you want to do the steps listed below:

If your phone becomes frozen and you cannot access the settings menu, do the following to hard reset your phone.

1. First, hit the POWER key to completely switch off HTC Radar 4G.

htc radar

2. Then press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons while powering the phone on.

3. You should then see the screen light up again.

4. Now, just release all the buttons.

5. A menu will then appear on screen. Here, use the VOLUME DOWN button to choose Factory reset option.

6. Finally, hit the POWER key to confirm your selection.

7. Continue with the instructions onscreen to proceed with the hard reset.

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