An easy only Image or Screen aspect ratio calculator which you could use to workout the new height and width of image when you need to resize them.

As a web developer or a graphic designer we often need to resize an image or workout the right screensize for the design. When resizing an image we need to ensure that the proper image ration is maintained, otherwise if we don't keep the same ratio of the width and height  then the image could get distorted.

Original Value New Value
When filling in the new value in the New value field,
it will automatically calculate the new width and height.

The formula for this can be found here: Image Resize Maintain Aspect Ratio Formula.

For example, when an image is 1000px width by 600px height, to change it to and new width of 500px, the height need to be adjusted to 300px high to maintain the same ratio, otherwise with a different value the picture will get stretched or compressed.


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