Solved: Find out how you could open an email attachment on the iPad.

Sending an Email with an attachment is a common thing people do when they want to share with you a photo, a business document, an ebook or a zip file. However when you have recieved an email with an attachment, you try to open it, but it won't just open. In order for the attachment to be opened, you will need to have an app that support that file type. For examples if the attachment file type is a Microsoft Word document then you will need Apple Pages to open it.

According to Apple, iPad 2 only support the following file types:

Extension Application
.doc Microsoft Word
.docx Microsoft Word (XML)
.htm webpage
.html webpage
.ics Calendar item
.key Keynote
.numbers Numbers
.pages Pages
.pdf Preview, Adobe Acrobat
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint
.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint (XML)
.rtf Rich Text Format
.txt text
.vcf contact information
.xls Microsoft Excel

You may want to use the GoodReader app or the ReaddleDocs to help you easily manage your email attachment.



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