SOLVED: How to Find the Missing Safari icon on the iPad?

Safari is an iPad web browser that you could use it to browse the internet. If you could not find it on your home screen then you will not be able to surf the net. Here's how you could get it back.

- Go into some of the folders on the Home screen and see if you have misplace the icon in there.

- Check the other Home screen to see if it has accidentally been move over there. Use your finger and flip right, flit left to see if you coud find it.

- Check the app restriction setting to ensure that Safari is not disable by default. If it is then here's how you can enable it:

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Tap on General.

4. Next tap on Restriction.

5. Then tap on Enable Restriction.


6. Enter in the password when prompt.

7. Under Enable Restriction screen ensure that the Safari selection is switch to Off.


Now go to the Home screen and you should see the Safari icon.

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