Learn how you can delete an existing email account on the iPad device.

You may have previously setup a couple of email accounts on the iPad. Now you have decicded to use only one account so you could delete all the other redundant account. Here's how you could it:

1. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Next tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

4. From this screen, you could select one of the account you would like to delete it. Select the desire account.

5. Now tap on the Delete Account to remove it permanently.

You will be able to still access your hotmail (aka outlook). Mail is just a client to which receives and sends mail only.
If I permanently delete an email account, ie., hotmail, does this mean I cannot go into hotmail and read my messages? I do not want my emails to show up under the mail icon so if I delete it, does this mean that if I go into hotmail, I cannot read my messages.
:D very helpful advice. thank you
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