The iPad 2 now has a camera which you could use to take photo. But what happen when you are a lot of bad photo you want to delete, well it's quiet easy to delete photo on the iPad. Here's how:

1. Open up the Photos app.

2. Select the Album views button.


3. Next select Saved Photos.

4. Then in the Saved Photos screen tap on the right arrow safari-open-arrow icon, and another toolbar should appears.

5. Now select one or more photos that you want to delete.

6. Once you are happy with your selection, tap on the Delete button.


The selected photos that you have taken with the iPad now has been deleted.

Note that if you have connected the device to the computer and perform a sync to get the photo onto the iPad, then you will need to delete that sync photo on iTunes and resync them to remove it from the iPad.

Some people have gotten very frustrating as to why some photos could not be deleted directly on the iPad but they have to do it via iTunes. Not sure why Apple design such a terrible interface like that. But the answer is you have to delete ot via iTunes and then resync it.

There is however a great third party app Photo Manager Pro that let you manage photos easily, which means you can easily transfer photo from and to iPad, and you can even delete the photo directly on the iPad at any time without have to plug the device into the computer to do the synchronization.

Download Photo Manager Pro and see a list of features it can do on the iPad:

* Universal app
* Fully support retina display
* Transfer multiple photos/videos among Apple touch devices at one time.
* Upload multiple photos/videos from computer to touch devices at one time. Use filename as photo caption.
* Download multiple photos/videos to computer at one time. Use photo caption as download filename.
* Use browser for uploading and downloading. All major browsers are supported (Safari, firefox and IE7/8).
* Drag and Drop sorting photos and folders
* Organize photos and videos in folders and sub folders
* Passcode lock application
* Passcode lock folders
* thumbnail and detail view of folders
* Slide show photos with music. Songs are picked from music library.
* Photo/video files management: move, delete etc. Trash is supported for deleted photos and videos.
* Show caption on folder view and photo gallery
* Search by caption
* Support favorites
* Share photos on facebook and twitpic
* Email photos
* Import photos/videos from album
* Export photos/videos to album
* Send photo via MMS
* Support all orientations
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Download Photo Manager Pro

Use iTunes to delete photo:

To use iTunes to delete photos on the iPad, you must first delete all photo on the iPad and then sync it again from the PC.

1. Connect your device to the Computer.

2. Start the iTunes application.

3. On the left panel select your iPad under devices.

4. Then select the Photos tab on the right panel.

5. Now UnCheck Sync photos.

6. Click on Apply.

Now all your photos on iPad should be removed.

1. Go into iPhoto and create an album, and puts all the photos that you want to be available on iPad in this album.

2. Now check the sync photos, selected albums.

3. Select the photo to sync.

4. Click on Apply and sync.

If you find this is too difficult and counter-intuitive, give Photo Manager Pro a try and see how easy life can be.

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