If you have recently installed heaps of app on the iPad 2 to try out the application, and now you no longer want to keep them, then you could delete those unwanted app. Removing unwanted also able to help you to reclaim some of your lost disk space.

Note that by deleting the app, it will also delete any data associated with the app. It is recommended that you backup your data before you start this process unless you are absolutely sure you want to remove them permanently.

1. Go to the Home page.

2. Then touch and hold on the desire app you wish to delete until you see it jiggle.

3. Now tap on the X button to erase the app.

Not all your app will appears on the Home screen, so you may have to search for them. To search for an app, simply put in the name of the app in the search field at top of the screen. Then tap on the Search button.

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