When you have documents such as PDF or an office document how can you send it as an email attachment on the iPad 2?

The iPad 2 gives you an ability to easily attach photo to the email, but when it comes to other file type it is not so easy. After some research, currently the best way to send other documents is to do it with the GoodReader App.

With GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone it gives you the power to easily manage your files on the device and you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. If you work with documents, soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to use your iPad or iPhone without GoodReader.

Once you have got the GoodReader app you can easily view any files, synchronise and transfer file between the device and the computer, manage file and send email.

There is also another app called ReaddleDocs which can manage file, read pdf with annotations, provides Air Print, transfer file between DropBox, iDisk and WebDAV, text search in PDF files and save email attachments. But I think it is no where close to the Good Reader app which has heaps more functionalities.


Here's how you can start to attach files to the email:

1. Download and install the GoodReader app onto your iPad.

2. Open up the GoodReader app, then under My Documents select one or more files you want to send as an attachment.

3. Then on the right hand side panel tap on the E-mail button.

4. Next Fill in the email details such as the To address, subject and the message detail.

5. Once you are ready then you can Send the email.

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