You might just got the new iPad 2 and probably excited. But before you can start using it you will need to insert the SIM card into the device so that it could connect to the internet. Here's how:

Require Tools: SIM eject tool or alternatively you could use paper clip.


1. Place your iPad 2 face down and located the SIM tray on the top right hand corner.

2. Grab hold of the SIM eject tool and carefully push the SIM eject tool into the small round hole until you see the SIM tray is ejected.

3. You can then pull out the SIM tray completely and put the SIM card on it.

4. Once you have got the SIM card on the tray, you can then pop the tray back into the iPad 2.


Now start up your device and it should recognize the new SIM.

Note: Not all model will have SIM card. Here are few various different model. If you can't find the SIM slot as shown above then your model does not support SIM card.

iPad 2 Model A1395: WiFi-only connectivity
iPad 2 Model A1396: Wi-Fi / GSM / A-GPS
iPad 2 Model A1397: WiFi / CDMA / A-GPS

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