Learn how to play WMV video file on your iPad device.

Before you can start playing the WMV file on your iPad you will need to convert it first into a compatible format that the iOS can understand. If you have lots of videos files that you would like to import into the device then there are several apps out there that you could use.

1. HandBrake - This app can accept most video format and will output it into an MP4(M4V) and MKV. Also you could queue up all the video you wish to convert and then you could walk away, wait for it to finish and then import them into your iPad.

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2. Big Buck Bunny.

With the above apps video files will need to be convert first before you can watch it, and you have to convert every single video file. Alternatively if you want to make life easier for you, then you could use Air Video to watch the video directly without conversion at all.

3. Air Video - How To Play Video Without Conversion

4. WMV Player - You would use this app in a scenario where you are at a university and you need to view the the WMV video file directly on a website where you don't have the luxury to convert it first. With WMV you could do the following:

- Plays wmv files attached in emails, directly from your Mail, Open In...wmv player
- Plays most wmv files directly from websites
- Plays wmv files stored on your computer
- Saves files downloaded in app to play instantly again
- Bookmark favorite websites and more...


So depending on your circumstances, you could try some of the above to watch WMV video file format.

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