The iPad 2 come with a large screen that you could use it to write and send email to the other people. Using the iPad to email can help you to communicate with other people effectively, easily and quickly. Here's how you can send email.

Before you start, you will need to setup an email account with one of the email provider such as Google, MSN or Yahoo. Check out How To Setup Email Account.

1. Tap on the Compose ipad-email-compose icon at the top of your screen.

2. Then in the To field put in the email address that you want to send the email to. If your contact has the email detail then you could select that email from the contact by tapping on the + icon. To add more email address just simply tap on the + and select a desire contact. You could also use the Cc/Bcc if you wanted to.

3.  Tap on the From field and select the desire email account you would like to use to send out email. If you only have one email account that you could only choose that one.

4. Now you can fill in the subject line and the detail of the message.

5. When you are done and happy with the message you can tap on Send.

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