You can use the iPad 2 to capture your favorite moment with the video camera. It is quiet easy to use the video camera with a few actions. There are two cameras witht the iPad you can either use the front one or the back one.

1. To use the devices for video simply slide the switch to a video ipad-video-camera position.

2. When you are ready with the subject, you can tap on the round red recording button to start capturing.

3. When you have finished, you can tap on the red recording button again to stop capturing.

If you want to change between the front and the back camera you could tap on the switch camera ipad-video-switch-camera icon.

Once you have taken the video, it is then save to the Camera Roll. You can go into this album to review the video. If you are not happy with it you could delete it and start again. To delete the video tap on the battery like icon to remove it.

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